Combining Post Haste + OmniFocus with Keyboard Maestro?

Hi All -

Wondering if anyone uses Post Haste anymore? I do… weekly… as it creates my folders template structure and docs for the 2 weekly podcasts that I produce.

After listening to latest Automaters podcast about email automation it got me thinking about merging a few things down to fewer steps.

As I said above, my current flow for a new episode is to launch Post Haste. The initial steps are manual, enter the episode #, and press enter. then tell it where to save the folder/project.

After that, I create the OmniFocus task using The “Populate Template Placeholder” Applescript. Also entering the episode #.

Ideally, I could have it all done using Keyboard Maestro. Thoughts? Worth the time to investigate?


Hmm, unsure of what you are doing in OmniFocus exactly, but you can make a much more customizable folder creation macro in Keyboard Maestro using variable fields.