“Combine Images” broken in iOS 13 shortcuts?

One of my favortie Shortcuts has been one that takes come images and combines them into a single image. It’s simple and see often. Since updating to iOS 13, many of my shortcuts have needed tweaking. This was no exception, but after updating it, it still doesn’t work. It just quits as soon as it gets to the “Combine” step. No error message is given or anything. This is the shortcut I’m working on. Any ideas?

It’s an available resources thing. Just add a Continue in Shortcuts action to the start of the Shortcut and it should run fine; does for me :wink:

That basically takes care of it. It doesn’t feels as tight as the old way, which kept the shortcut within the share sheet, and Photos app is still in Item Selection mode when it returns to the app. But this works now. Thanks.