Collapsing Shortcuts On Import in iOS 15 (Beta)

I gather you can collapse sections of a shortcut in iOS 15.

Could someone running the beta tell me if you can collapse sections when importing one?

I was thinking that surrounding all the steps in a long shortcut with a collapser would solve the "endless scrolling when importing"problem.

If that works it might be a nice way to package a shortcut. I’m inspired by Federico Viticci mentioning his ultra-long shortcut on a podcast the other day.

(I don’t know if it’s even possible to import a shortcut into the beta yet.)

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As far as I am aware/can tell, collapsing sections in a Shortcut is only temporary, lasting only within your current editor session. Every time that you open a Shortcut it is fully expanded.

Also, there is no “collapser” as such; you can collapse certain actions, such as an if

and boxes like a Text will automatically resize (apparently up to 16 lines) to make better use of space and showing more detail.

As for importing, on the beta it seems that you automatically get to import the Shortcut without looking through its steps:

Tapping in the ellipses on the Shortcut allows you to view the Shortcut before downloading it, but you can download it without scrolling through it.

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Thank you. I was thinking of coding an “if true” wrapper for a shortcut. But it seems that would be a waste of time, given what you said.

This is a really nice feature - not having to scroll, but man is it buggy in iOS 15. I’m seeing some terrible visual oddities - missing text in shortcuts steps, etc, but purely visual, nothing is missing. That and the inability to use Jellycuts has me dead in the water iOS 15.0 (19A5281j) (think that’s 2nd beta). Fingers crossed it gets smoothed out fast.

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