Code Editing On The Mac

I still find editing code much better on the Mac. Specifically I use VS Code. However one nice surprise is if I edit my Scriptable scripts from my Mac they automatically update in the Scriptable editor. Even if I have the same script opened in Scriptable.

I just pointed VS Code at ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~dk~simonbs~Scriptable/Documents


Hey Scott…

dude… I’d double heart this, if I could.


Brilliant suggestion! thanks for sharing.

I did find a shortcut way to access my scripts. I was able to go to my iCloud Drive and saw a new “Scriptables” folder with the scripts in it.


First I thought this would require a bit of hacking like @BishopJb suggested, but on my second search I found this:
It seems to be in sync with whats on the phone! :open_mouth:

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