Clipboard Tool • load, preview, modify, convert, save, restore, sync, and share the iOS clipboard


Clipboard Tool is a full-featured shortcut that can be used to load, preview, modify, convert, save, restore, sync, and share the iOS Clipboard.

In addition, Clipboard Tool accepts input that can be used to optionally update the Clipboard. For example, the URL (or content) from a web page could passed and saved by accessing Clipboard Tool from the iOS Share Sheet in Safari.

Clipboard (and Shortcut Input) values can be saved for later use.

Values are saved to iCloud, thus they can be shared with any device that shares the same iCloud account. Saved values can be restored to replace, prepend, or append the clipboard.

Summary of Features

  • The following Types are explicitly supported: Text 🅣, Rich text 🅡, Image 🅘, Media (i.e., video, audio) 🅜, PDF 🅟, Dictionary (i.e., JSON) 🅓, File 🅕, Archive (i.e., zip file) 🅐. Any other types are classified as Other 🅞.
  • Clipboard Type and Length (for Text and Rich text) are indicated.
  • The Clipboard can be previewed and shared.
  • Rich text can be converted to plain text.
  • Dictionaries (i.e., JSON file content) can be converted to pretty text, although to do so, this small helper shortcut must be downloaded and available in the Shortcut Library.
  • Shortcut Input can be optionally used to update the Clipboard. For example, photos, screenshots, and videos can be shared from the Photo app; files (of many types) can be shared from the Files app; and URLs, Page Titles, and Page Content can be shared from iOS browsers. The following browsers have been tested: Safari, DuckDuckGo, Chrome, Browser and Documents Manager, Opera Touch, Private Browser Deluxe, 1Password, Onion, Reedle Documents (only passes URL, i.e., no Page Title under some circumstances), Firefox, Firefox Focus, Brave, Edge, Dolphin (iOS 14 crashes), Ghostery, Yandex. Note that Safari is the only tested browser that passes the page content automatically, that is, page content from other browsers can only be shared by selecting the pop-up Share button that appears when the content is selected, pressed, and held.
  • Clipboard/Shortcut Input values can be saved and later restored.
  • Restored values can replace, prepend, append the current Clipboard. If the entries are Text, the text is prepended or appended; other types become multiple entries in the iOS Clipboard (i.e., like an array, but not limited to the same Type). For example, the Clipboard could be modified to include the following: Image, PDF, and a text string.
  • Saved values are shared between iOS devices, thus a Clipboard saved on one device can be restored on another.
  • Titles can be optionally added to the saved entries. Titles are automatically suggested for some circumstances. For example, if the Clipboard includes 25 lines of text, Clipboard Tool will suggest the following title: 25🄻.
  • Text Clipboards can be modified; Image Clipboards can be marked up.
  • Saved Clipboards can be multiple items (e.g., three images), including entries of different types (e.g., Image, Text).
  • Clipboard Tool is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14.