Clicking A Chrome Link With A Dynamic Xpath

I’m having trouble figuring out a solution for this one step in my macro. I need to click a “Yes” confirmation button in Google Chrome, but the XPath is not consistent. I think some javascript is probably the best solution, but I’m not experienced in it. The page is behind a login, or else i’d provide the url.

If the path isn’t constant and we can’t get access to check the varying construction of the page, maybe just fallback to the image recognition action to identify a click location?

Unfortunately, I need to have this run when i’m not around, so the screen mac will be locked. That action won’t work in that circumstance.

I’d assumed, given it involved a user based login and UI that you were just trying to speed up the process.

Is there no direct access API to modify user permissions for whatever system it is you are working with? If there isn’t, is this a system such that you can contact the developers and ask for their recommendations on an unattended interaction? The fact that it is popping up a confirmation step suggests it is something users have done without giving it due consideration, or it is something legacy that serves purely as an extra annoyance step to administering users.