Chrome/Edge vs Windows Applications

We do browser automations (Chrome, IE (now Edge)). More than 99% of our testing can be done simply with Selenium and java using Eclipse. However, there are a few things where that won’t work.

  1. Certain login/password windows, and sometimes other windows, that come up in Chrome or Edge (e.g., Windows login) won’t work with Selenium.

  2. Now we have some applications that are written in Swing, for which Selenium will not work.

I am looking for something that I can use to test the above. I actually have WinAppDriver installed and got it to work, but it will work only on the browser windows for which Selenium will not work. When I use the inspect tool on an actual Windows/Swing application it finds only the outer-most object (i.e., the window containing the swing). The swing consists of things such as text boxes, buttons, text, etc, but the inspect.exe and UISpy.exe cannot find the inner objects. Someone even mentioned it won’t work with Swing.

I have been trying to search other tools like Jemmy and UISpect4J but am having difficulty finding comprehensive information.

So I am curious which tool(s) you would recommend? For complicated reasons, Test Complete will not work. I need something, best that works with Eclipse, that can find elements, get values, check boxes, fill in text boxes, expand menus, etc. Thanks

Here’s a few options for you to review for your purposes.

QFS has good Java support.

Rapise has Selenium suport and also has a fallback for the seemingly unautomatable of analog recording (obviously it is still actually digital - terible name); but it allows you to hack your way forward.

Ranorex also offers similar integration and functionality to the above Rapise functionality.

Hope that helps.

Probably none will work with Selenium/Java like WinAppDriver does, right? The inspect for WinAppDriver can’t find the individual things (see picture) like Login box, Password box, OK, Cancel button. It would be nice because then i could use it.


As noted there are Selenium integrations and support for different approaches, as well as Swing compatibility.

Given that WinAppDriver is not working as you would hope, I would expect that you would be seeking something that does things differently.

I would recommend trialling those options to determine if any expand your toolset enough to deal with your scenarios.

You could also contact each tools developers and provide them with exact details of what you have to confirm the specifics supported.

Looking at the links above currently, I don’t even see any of them having been followed, so have you already reviewed each tools feature set in detail?

The solutions like the “analog” option work similarly to automation tools like Keyboard Maestro on the Mac in terms of their ability to more or less brute force a basic on screen interaction; this would seem to ensure that such tools can undertake any interaction an end user would. As such I am not clear on the basis of your restated resetvation.

I have gone through several of the QF Test videos and tutorials and asked a question of them. I have started looking at the Rapise one. I imagine the qf people should respond to me soon. I did ask them already pretty much what you suggested.

I have not forgotten about this. Still investigating, while I can use WinAppDriver for some, I can’t for all.