Choose from Menu with IF help

Hi, I am working up a shortcut that has a Choose from Menu that I want to have a default selection run, if there is no user choice within X seconds of the available menu choices being presented, being executed. I cannot figure out how to do this in Shortcuts (or with the help of Scriptable, DataJar and ToolBox Pro).

The overall shortcut is intended to run as an interactive automation, that will execute when the user connects to power. I have a similar shortcut that will also be used when the user is to disconnect from power as well. The reason is, I at times connect to power and work from home; but also, at other times, connect to power when about town and want certain things to change (brightness, volume and Airport or Low Battery being changed).

I have worked through to the point that I have the shortcuts working with determination of device model that then also runs additional shortcut functions only available for iPhones or iPads, for example.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A timeout is not possible in the menus and alerts in Shortcuts.

In Scriptable it should work though!
Set a timer using the timer class with your desired timeout and display the alert sheet afterwards. When the user selects something, cancel the timer, otherwise if the timeout hits, opening a URL should dismiss the alert.