Choose from list to OmniFocus shortcut

Hello! Finally jumping into making my own shortcuts.

What I want is to choose from a list of chores to add to OmniFocus.

Choose from list
Taskpaper to OmniFocus

Trouble is, the list action makes me choose, and then choose from list makes me choose again.

Probably a simple fix. Any thoughts?

Hmm, it shouldn’t. I just tested this, and it only prompted me once. Does yours look different than mine?

It should actually make you choose once.
List -> choose from list

Having the add taskpaper to omnifocus then round-robins to OF and comes back with the task link.

Just curious:
why the taskpaper? That works fine, but any particular reason not to use the “add to omnifocus” action?

Here’s what I have.

I…don’t have a good answer. Yet.

Ahh, I see the problem. It works if you only select one of the chores. Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus only accepts text input, and if you have multiple selected, it’s passing a list. Adding a step in between to convert the list to text should do the trick.


Or go through the list and create on OmniFocus task for each choice