Choose from List • many items = poor performance 😔

Without a doubt, Apple has consistently improved the Shortcuts app. But with iOS 14, they took a huge step backwards with the Choose from List action especially obvious when the list is long.

  1. The Search field (a.k.a., filter) at the top was removed.
  2. Scrolling up and down a rendered list is very slow and inconsistent.

For long lists I employed a work-around that I discussed in reddit and shared on RoutineHub, but I’m curious if any of you have developed something better.

There is this method as well but it has draw backs eg you need to open it in safari, but it does do type to search.

Thanks @entee! I’ve seen a few that use a similar approach. This is best one I’ve seen of that type.

Do you know of a similar one that allows multiple items to be selected?

Dont know of one offhand, but you could try looking through something like code pen for posted js/css. Cant remember if thats where I originally found the js/css but its usually a good place to find things like that.

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It strikes me one of those Shortcuts add-on apps could do well here.

I’ve not played with them enough to know if one of them has a super list capability. Anyone?

Alternatively, maybe Scriptable is more performant.

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I thought the same thing and suggested that it would be a welcome enhancement to Toolbox Pro.

I have also used the fuzzy find in GizmoPack, was not thrilled about the ios 14 loss of search bar and had to look at workarounds too

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