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Im currently writing a script for my morning routine where my iPhone gives me all the info i need for today. I know Siri can also say what’s in my Agenda and Reminders, but I want it in 1 script.

Right now the problem I’m having, is that I want to check the due dates of my Reminders. I ONLY want to hear the Reminders due for today and not all the reminders.

What are you using to write your script? Shortcuts, Scriptable, Pythonista, Pyto, …?

Maybe you could share what you have so far?

The basic premise will likely be grab all of the reminders filtered as much as possible. if the due date isn’t available as a filter in whatever approach you are taking, then you would need to iterate over each reminder, check the due date and discard or add it to a new set of reminders as appropriate. That will then give you a new set of reminders matching your criteria.

Hi @sylumer,

Sorry, you have totally valid questions.

First of all, here is a link to my Shortcut. Text is in Dutch, but I don’t think that will be a problem.

Thanks for the heads up about filtering the reminders. I didn’t know a filter-option was available in Shortcuts and have tried to add it.

As I said, this Shortcuts-“script” is for my morning routine (I also have an evening routine)
What I roughly want to happen:

  1. Adjust brightness to 33%
  2. Adjust volume to 50%
  3. Tell me Good morning and the date/time
  4. Option: “Shall I read your day to you?”
    4.1 If no, Skip to step X
    4.2.1 If yes, check for appointments for today in Agenda-app.
    If there are appointments for today, open Agenda-app and read me all the appointments I have for today.
    If there are none, tell me there is nothing in my agenda.
    4.2.2 Check for reminders due today in Reminders-app (which I use as a to do-list). If there are reminders due today, open Reminders-app and read me all the reminders due today.
    If there are none, tell me there are no reminders due today.
    4.3 Tell me “That’s all for today”
  5. Run Shortcut “SpringBoard” (will take me back to homescreen) (Designed by @supermamon)
  6. Tell me “Have a nice day!”
  7. Disable “Do not disturb”

The part where I need help with, is step 4.2.2. I understand how to check within the Reminders-app for all the reminders due today, but when I add the “Speak text” (refering to the “date-filtered-reminders” found in action at 4.2.2 ), my iPhone seems to skip the “speak text” part and immediately go to 4.3 without telling me which reminders I have.

I hope you understand everything said above and can find the problem/a solution!

Here’s a quick example that I think might help you with that.

A quick look at your shortcut, and I think your issue is most likely down to you treating a collection of reminders as a block of text to speak. The example above takes each reminder in the selection, picks out some example properties, and then speaks those to you before moving on to the next reminder in the collection.

Hope that helps.

Same here, simplified the reminders bit.

Just picking today should do

(uitspreken weggehaald, vervangen door meldingen)

Hi @JKoopmans

thanks for the addition! For notifications and quick view, this would be a nice option.
I would like to let my iPhone speak to me, so I will replace the notifications part with “Speak Text” :slight_smile:


Thanks ever so much for you reply! I now understand the Shortcuts-app better :wink:
I will add the additions to my Morning Routine-Shortcut

One question though,
How did you get the Title, Priority and Notes as a new added variable in the text box?
Since I do not see a prompt refering to those to “receive” that information…

Once you add a variable tap on it. You will be presented with an option that will allow you to change the inferred type, but also the data properties associated with that type.

So repeat item was set as a reminder and I was then able to switch from the default value to specific values.

Hope that helps.

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I removed them on purpose, my wife was already asleep next to me so couldn’t have it spoken out loud :slight_smile:

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