Chat with Open AI GPT-3 Shortcut


I have made a Shortcut that allows you to chat with Open AI GPT-3 like you can via their website in a browser. It will also create a markdown transcript of the chat that you can save where ever you want. End a Chat by clicking “Done” and providing no input.

You will need an API Key in order to use this Shortcut, which you get here.

Chat with Open AI GPT-3 Shortcut


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Thanks for sharing!

Doesn’t seem to work so far. Of course I did the API key. But I’m getting this:

Could not evaluate the key path.

In "’, no value was found for dictionary key ‘choices’.

Try removing “Bearer “ from the beginning of your API key as the “Bearer “ portion of the key is already in the Shortcut.

Try this version of the shortcut if that doesn’t work

Hey thanks for the reply! So I don’t have “bearer” at the front of my key. It does start with “sk-” followed by 48 other characters. I tried both versions but neither is working. Thanks for your work!

Okay, so I played around using quick view on the returned URL. It’s messaging that I exceeded my quota. Which I haven’t done any large amount of anything, but I think it’s a Chat GPT limitation for now. Thanks!

Wow, That is super annoying!! I am glad that it is not an issue with the Shortcut but that really sucks that somehow you have hit your limit doing almost nothing. :man_facepalming:

This is brilliant, thanks for sharing!

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It doesn’t seem to be able to carry a proper conversation. For example, if I ask it about lobsters, asking “where do lobsters live?” it will properly say they live in the oceans and such, but if I ask it a follow up question “what color are they when they are cooked?” it doesn’t know “they” is “lobsters. It seems to have no memory of what it said in the previous answer, and what the subject was, despite there being a transcript. It’s like each prompt is a new conversation, rather than each prompt being part of one long conversation.

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I have had the same thing happen to me. That said I have also had great success with talking small talk with it in a conversational manor via the Shortcut. Regarding the transcript, the transcript is just logged and saved locally and never gets shared with GPT-3. Not sure if there is a way to share the transcript with GPT-3 via the API to help give it more context clues. If you know of or come up with a way please let me know!! :slight_smile:

I noticed one thing, it has no context of itself and comes up with someone random everyone(for example one time I got: “Shaun a software developer”). I think you are supposed to add “You are ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI.” as a role to provide nessacary context