Change name of NFC tag?

I have several Shortcut Automations based on NFC tags. There does not appear to be a way to change the name of the Tag after the automation is written without going thru the entire process of writing a new automation with a different tag name. Can anyone shed some light on this ?

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Anybody have this need ?

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Yes, just checked on my phone. Looks like you can’t change the name unless I’m looking in the wrong spot. Seems slightly odd that you can’t.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I spelled a tag name incorrectly and it’s driving me crazy! I also managed to name to tags identically. Obviously I’m not paying attention, but renaming them would be really useful!

In the Shortcuts Automations tab - Choose the NFC you want to rename.

In the When section tap on the tile

On the next screen tap on the NFC tag name.
Scan the tag and put in the new name.

I did it a couple of times to test it and it works