Change File Creation Date using Siri Shortcuts

I’m trying to move some files out of Day One journal into Obsidian, but would like to preserve the original creation date of the file (Day One exports and creates the file with “Today”).

Currently I’m trying to get a shell script to run using SetFile. It looks something like this:
SetFile -d "6/20/2022 23:59:59" journal-entry.txt

The above script currently works if I run it from the Terminal, but I’ve been unsuccessful in getting it to run from Shortcuts (Mac), Hazel, or inside an AppleScript.

I’ve also tried using touch (bash), but haven’t had any success there.

Anybody else been successful doing something like this? Thanks in advance!

" Tools supporting Carbon development, including /usr/bin/SetFile , were deprecated with Xcode 6" (from the SetFile man page). That came out in 2014.

I see. I finally got this working using touch. Thanks for the help @dfay!