Car Park Recording with Shortcuts

I created a shortcut to help remember where your car is parked.

Take a photo of your car and invoke this shortcut. Happy to receive feedback. Thanks, Brian.

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iOS remembers where I parked automatically, it’s a feature of maps.

How to find your parked car with Maps on your iPhone

Thanks. I always find a photo helps me to remember. This Shortcut combines the location and a photo into a note. I think there would be several steps to do that without the Shortcut. It is an interesting point though not to replicate in Shortcuts what can be done anyway with iOS/Siri.

Maps apps save locations, but generally only if you use the app for navigation. iOS uses CarPlay and Bluetooth too, but that doesn’t work for everyone, including me.

I like this idea, but I had to add a “get location” action.

It’s another reminder too of the frustrating limitations still in Shortcuts (early days, I’m just itching for more): we can’t add all this automatically to Notes as far as I can tell, but this is a quickish work around. Thanks.

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Yeahs, that’s a good point.

I like my method: given any parking lot, i pretty much know where I am going to park, and I am always able to get close enough to that spot that I don’t end up looking for the car. :smiley: