Capturing tasks to add to Todoist using Siri

Hi, I need to be able to add tasks to Todoist completely hands free. I have been able to achieve this using Siri. My shortcut uses dictate text, then adds that text to my task inbox.
I would like to improve on this as Siri gets the text wrong a lot of the time. (Must be my Aussie accent!) Is there a way to get the text read back to me and let me confirm that the text is what I want? Basically the same as when I send a message from Siri.
It would also be great if I dictate text with a date and time, these get added in the appropriate section of the task in Todoist.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



See if this recursive dictation check example helps.

Thanks sylumer, this is close to what I am after, just seems a little clunky and it still needed me to click on OK before it would add to Todoist

It was just a dictation confirmation example. You shouldn’t have to press ok for anything.

Here’s the simple modification of it to work with Todoist that I would have expected to be made.

When I run it:

  1. I get an initial dictation which stops when I pause.
  2. It reads it back and then asks if I would like to use it.
  3. I get another dictation where if I say anything other than “yes”, it will loop back round and I can try to dictate again in the same way.
  4. When I answer “yes”, the shortcut adds the text as a task to my Todoist inbox.

Nothing superfluous. No ok buttons to press. Nothing clunky that I can see :man_shrugging:t2:

You can use the same principle to build this out and parse date/time too. They are all just bits of text so exactly the same principles apply.

Wow, thank-you so much. Clunky was probably not the word I should have used. I apologize if I offended you by saying that.
When I test ran it, it didn’t recognize me saying YES a couple of times so it kept on looping. I’m guessing I had some background noise that interfered.
It seems that this was simple for you to slot into Todoist, but as I only found out about using shortcuts a couple of days ago, it would have taken me ages to get it sorted.
I really appreciate you helping me out!
Do you have any suggestions as to where I can learn more about creating shortcuts?

That could have been initial security confirmations by the sounds of it. One time deal on each shortcut.

  1. Here on this forum. :sunglasses:
  2. The Shortcuts user guide from Apple
  3. Macstories has lots of Shortcuts content.
  4. Rosemary’s book on learning Shortcuts.
  5. David’s Field Guide for Shortcuts.
    6.I might have a few things on my web site too.

After that there’s a sub reddit, various galleries and libraries. But the above should give you a good few weeks/months worth of content to start with.