Can't set a variable from a menu

I have a shortcut that writes values to a spreadsheet. Now I want to ask ‘Yes or No’, and have either “yes” or “no” written into a column in the spreadsheet. But it seems impossible!
If I set up a 'Choose From Menu", and ‘Set Variable to Menu Result’ I get nothing. Apparently this is because ‘Menu Result’ is what was passed into the menu, not what comes out of it? (I can’t believe that!)

If I set up a List with 2 items, “Yes” and “No”, and then use use the action, ‘Choose from List’, then pass that to ‘Set Variable to Chosen Item’, it ignores what was selected and always sets the variable to the first list item.

If I just try to ‘Set Variable’ to static text, I don’t get the option to type in a value when setting up the variable!

Why is this so hard, and what am I doing wrong? I just want to set a variable to be either 'Yes" or No". Any help please?

tried every option I could think of, and it works every single time.

the thing is: a menu itself does not transfer a value, just an action.
And for choose from list you need to feed it the list.

The shortcut added to this post shows the simple choose from list option, and results in either yes or no (as choices from the list)

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Menu result is the value set inside the actions that follow each menu option.

See example that I think does what you want.


Thanks very much, I’ve got it working now!

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Appreciate the help Roger, it’s working now. I think I need to go back to David’s Shortcut training program!