Can't seem to disable notifications for location based automations

I have an automation setup to fire off when I get home. But instead what happens is I get a notification that iOS wants to run my automation instead of just doing it. I am on 15.4.1 and what I noticed is that if I create a none location based automation that I get the option to disable the notifications. Anyone else running into this?

@buttonsmasher Unfortunately location based triggers require confirmation (and hence, the notification). However, there is a workaround. You could set you trigger to be a certain Focus Mode (e.g., an “Arrived Home” focus mode) being turned on. Then you can set that Focus Mode to turn on when you arrive home. The first thing your Shortcut could do is to turn that Focus Mode and then continue on doing what you want it to do. It means setting up a new Focus Mode but at least it would all be automatic.

Maybe I need a little more detail in how you are setting up the work around. Let me make sure I am clear on my task. When I get to X turn on focus. IF I use shortcuts instead of automation it will still need me to remember to turn it on. I have created a focus mode already. Can you explain your work around in a bit more detail?

In the settings for each focus mode you have there is a section called “Turn on Automatically” in which you can set that focus mode to turn on automatically. One of the options for a focus automation is turning on by location.

Separate from that, in the Shortcuts app, you can set up a personal automation that is triggered by a focus mode being turned on. That automation doesn’t have to require confirmation. You will need to turn off Ask Before Running to skip the confirmation. Then you will probably want to turn off Notify When Run if you don’t want to see the notification.

When I referred to a shortcut, I was really talking about an automation in the Shortcuts app. Sorry to confuse you.