Can't run inline (Scriptable) script in Shortcuts; internet connection is offline?

Some time ago I wrote a Scriptable script to turn off my (physical) alarm clock (using a HTTP request). I run this script inline in a Shortcut, using Pushcut. This used to work fine on both my iPhone and my iPad.

However, recently the script fails on the iPhone (while it still works on the iPad). The Shortcut complains that the internet connection is offline, which is not true, because I can access any website in Safari.

What might be wrong? How can I fix this?

Any chance your recent failures could be linked to iOS14 and Shortcuts?

For the second year running I’ve been watching the lists of weird bugs in Shortcuts roll by. It certainly sounds plausible to me that this could be another instance of such a thing.

When it fails in Shortcuts is it repeatable in multiple successive runs? If so, does it work or fail if you run it within Scriptable (outside of Shortcuts)? That will allow you to establish if it is a Shortcuts issue or not.

Yes, it might have started when I installed iOS 14 (GM).

Will do some tests in the coming days.

Some apps request a new „thing“ regarding network connection with iOS14.
Maybe Scriptable does not address this right atm?


You were right! And combining the tips I received in this topic I found out. Thanks!

My script was an inline script and did not generate this dialog in the Shortcuts App. However, when I copied its contents to a regular Scriptable script I did get this dialog in Scriptable. After allowing network access there the script now works both in Scriptable and Shortcuts!

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