Can't run any Shortcuts from Share sheet on iPad OS

I have a brand new iPad Pro running iPadOS 3.2. Every time I try to run a Shortcut from the Share Sheet I get the following error message: “Could Not Run Shortcut. The shortcut couldn’t be found because its access token has expired.”

The error occurs whether it’s an old Shortcut that it inherited from my old iPad or a brand new one I just created on the new iPad. All the Shortcuts run fine on my iPhone.

The only thing I could find on a Google search was a Reddit reference to a bug in iOS 13 beta 1 that was fixed in beta 2.

Any suggestions?

In case anyone is wondering, the new update to iPadOS 13.2.2 fixed this problem for me.

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Great to hear the problem has been solved for you :smiley:

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I have had the same problem and I am using 13.2.2. Any fixes welcome!