Can't install software at work

Hi. I’d love to use my Stream Deck at work but IT say it’s not “mission critical” so they won’t allow the software to be loaded :sob:

Are there any keyboards that I can program at home, store the macros in the keyboard, and then plug into usb at work and run the macros?

You could use any number of macro pads - the Keybow by Pimoroni is what I used pre-stream deck. Whether you should use one or not still depends on your IT policies.

Cheers. And does that allow the macros to move the mouse pointer and click various places? The software at work doesn’t have and keyboard shortcuts.

IT just objected to “unknown” software being installed. Hence my request for a keypad that doesn’t need software running on the host machine

I only ever used it for key presses to trigger things like Autohotkey macros, never mouse pointer movements.It is based on lua, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it.