Can you trigger a keyboard maestro script when a webpage is accessed by safari?

Hi Everyone,

I recently worked my way through David’s field guide for Keyboard Maestro to get myself started and one of his scripts (called Twitter Timer) starts a timer when a twitter client is activated and after a set amount of time it hides the app and puts up a message saying to get back to work. I love the idea of this and want to replicate it with other social media but I don’t use a client, I use my browser (safari). Does anyone know whether it is possible to have keyboard maestro script react to a certain web address being accessed? I know there is a remote web trigger but I’ve not had much luck understanding how it is configured and from the KM wiki it doesn’t seem to be quite what I’m looking for.

I have also had a look through safari’s settings to see whether there is something similar to the iOS app time limits but I’ve not come across anything similar on macOS.

I would appreciate any suggestions people may have :slight_smile:

Maybe “appifying” your social media sites and then having Keyboard Maestro monitor those apps would be viable for you?

Perhaps using something like this?

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