Can you create sub-task with Shortcuts in Reminders?

Does anyone know of a way to use Shortcuts to create sub-tasks for in Reminders under an existing task?

If not, are there other task managers (currently looking at Things 3) that would allow this functionality?

You can’t use sub-tasks in Reminders from Shortcuts – it hasn’t been made available by Apple.

Things 3 can create Projects, Tasks and Checklist items from Shortcuts. For some of it you will need to use the URL scheme.

The checklist items within an action are individually able to be checked off, but these can’t have individual start/due dates, notes, tags or anything like that associated with them.

One point to note with Things 3 and Shortcuts is that iPhone and iPad are treated as separate apps working on the same data. That means that, if you are going to run your Shortcut on an iPhone and an iPad, the Shortcut needs to have actions to run for each of the platforms.

This Shortcut:

Will produce this Project, Task and Checklist (the project is created as a previous step, this sample only creates the task and checklist items):

Hope this helps.

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GoodTask allows this, too. Here’s an example shortcut that you can adapt.

The use case for this particular shortcut is to append a subtask to an existing reminder (“Paul List” in this example) that is within a specific list (“Work” in this example). I create a running list of topics to discuss with someone the next time I see them. This shortcut takes the input and appends it to the end of the list of subtasks.

GoodTask recognizes [ ] as a subtask

You’ll see that I use Toolbox Pro. You may be able to do this with Reminders actions, but I’m finding many things are made more easy through Toolbox Pro.

To tell the complete story… I launch this shortcut from Drafts. Though, you could easily change it to accept input from within the shortcut itself. I hope this helps — jay

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You can now create sub tasks in reminders using shortcuts without GoodTask, toolbox pro etc.

It’s a pain and not obvious or intuitive.

First you get details of the reminder you want to add sub tasks to, using “find reminder” action. (So if it doesn’t exist you’ll need to create it first.)

Next you use the “add reminder” action making sure that you complete the parent reminder field, with a magic variable containing the output of the “find reminder” action from above. This then doesn’t actually add a reminder, it adds a sub task.


This in theory should work… but it doesn’t for whatever reason… shortcuts bug? Reminders bug?

If you figure out why or if it works for you please let me know :rofl:

Hope it helps!!

I haven’t used Shortcuts in a long time. But does anyone know if with iOS 15 can you add a reminder with sub tasks? I’m basically looking to make a template that can be used for reminders.

Yes you can, using the parent reminder option.

For example, this adds a “Child” reminder to the “Root” reminder in list “Test List”.

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