Can you create a shortcut to open an app on another device

Title. I’d like to trigger a shortcut from my homepod (or iPhone) to open up an app on my iPad. I use an old iPad as a baby monitor and I would like to open up the baby monitoring app by voice via Homepod. Let me know!

Likely won’t be possible via HomePod but possible via iPhone. One thing to note, the iPad must be unlocked or not have any password/TouchID/FaceID security enabled in order for an app to open.

To run shortcuts from one device to another:

  • Create a focus mode that syncs across devices.
  • On the device you want the shortcut to run on, create a automation that runs the shortcut when the focus mode is activated.
  • When you activate the focus mode on any other device, it activates on the device you chose the run the shortcut on, which then triggers the shortcut.

Wondering if a PushCut Automation Server on the iPad could do this.

I guess that would put the monitor app to the foreground and put the Pushcut app I tk the background. I think to keep operating the Pushcut app would need be in the foreground. That would make it one shot unless there’s something clever that can be done with the two apps to trigger them to run side-by-side.

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You’d have to do some testing, but I believe that if the baby monitoring app was previously in slide-over it would re-open in that configuration.

Yeah. Not all niche apps are good platform citizens, so there’s a lot of dependency on the particular baby monitor app. That’s why I noted it as a possibility rather than a certainty. I’ve certainly had web cam apps for example that just were not designed to work in split screen or slide over.

Oh, absolutely. I suspect baby monitor apps are one of those categories that are particularly prone to being poor platform citizens.

One approach might be to leave Pushcut in slide over, rather than the baby monitor, and have an automation that re-opens Pushcut when the baby monitor app opens? I think that might keep both apps active (though it’s possible that would make the baby monitor inactive or background and thus disable it)

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