Can you adjust the sensitivity of a vibration sensor?

I have an Aqara vibration sensor attached to the back of my chair (idea stolen from Rose) to prompt my shortcut to react to it being activated, however! Other than almost spinning my chair from side to side it hardly ever picks up my movement.

I have tried it in several places but it still without a real heavy movement pick me up… I don’t suppose there is any adjustments to be made anywhere for sensitivity or better suggestions where to put the sensor?

Place a light spring between the sensor and the chair?

The top of the back or head rest would be the furthest from the pivot/base and so would be most likely to move most.

While it might sound comical, I would imagine a deely bopper spring on the top of the back would be quite sensitive to motion.

Assuming there is no way to increase the device’s sensitivity through software that is.

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I love the idea of a deely bopper, shows both your age and mine that we know what that is :rofl:

I am just surprised how insensitive it is, especially as Rose uses it on one of her shortcuts… unless of course I just don’t move about a lot, which could be the case.

Mine let me adjust it in the app, so it’s worth looking into that.

I did check that to be honest but there wasn’t any additional parameters to change unfortunately for me.
The only options I have really is just to rename it in the Aqara app. I am guessing because I only run it in Homekit Mode?