Can this shortcut work with iCloud Drive vs. dropbox?

I just moved everything to iCloud Drive and now I’m running into some automation issues.

Is it possible to make this shortcut work with iCloud Drive?

What shortcut are you referring to?

It’ll probably depend on where any files are going to be in iCloud Drive. In the Shortcuts folders?

Sorry! Forgot the link. Should be fixed.

That looks to me like it should be fine as long as you store your notes in a folder within the Shortcuts area on iCloud Drive as I guessed above. If you don’t do that, you would have to manually locate the file each time due to sandboxing restrictions.

It’s worth noting the latest update to Toolbox Pro adds some capability to access files/folders outside of the Shortcuts folder sandbox constraints.

See info in a recent Toolbox Pro blog post.

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Interesting. It looks like you can use this to open files and folders in Files, but I don’t see any “Open In” style actions… it might be tough to get this to create and open text files in iCloud Drive in 1Writer.

Then, even if that can happen, we’ll still need to create a new file bookmark for every edited/opened file on every device. Possible, I’m sure, but tedious.

Still, good to have the option.