Can’t figure out new Append to Note

Can someone please help me. I am trying to create a Shortcut that takes a PDF file, renames and saves it, and uses the same name input variable to append the text to an existing Note in

I keep getting a “Please Pass a Note to the Append to Note action” no matter where I put the Find Note File action. Here is the Shortcut


I created a second Shortcut just to append text to a Note and it works, but only if the Find Note action is the first thing in the Shortcut. If I move it down even one spot the Shortcut breaks and I get a “Please pass a Note to the Append to Note” error. Here is a copy of that one:

Working Shortcut

Can some help me figure out what i’m Doing wrong here?

Try adding a “Nothing” action immediately before the “Find Notes Where” action. That will eliminate Find Notes trying to process using the input from the prior step (Format Date)


Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

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