Can’t figure out new Append to Note

Can someone please help me. I am trying to create a Shortcut that takes a PDF file, renames and saves it, and uses the same name input variable to append the text to an existing Note in

I keep getting a “Please Pass a Note to the Append to Note action” no matter where I put the Find Note File action. Here is the Shortcut


I created a second Shortcut just to append text to a Note and it works, but only if the Find Note action is the first thing in the Shortcut. If I move it down even one spot the Shortcut breaks and I get a “Please pass a Note to the Append to Note” error. Here is a copy of that one:

Working Shortcut

Can some help me figure out what i’m Doing wrong here?

Try adding a “Nothing” action immediately before the “Find Notes Where” action. That will eliminate Find Notes trying to process using the input from the prior step (Format Date)


Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

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What do you mean by “Nothing” action?
How do i add it before “Find All Notes”

I cant even click the line where the “Find All
Notes” action is

There is an action in Shortcuts called “Nothing”.

You drag the action block and drop it when the insertion point moves to just before the “Find all notes” action block.