Can one app be on multiple home screens?

After listening to the focus modes episode, I am finally starting to experiment with them. I’m going to a conference in a couple of days, and decided this is an ideal way to experiment — i want to create a Home Screen with my airline and hotel and conference schedule apps, plus some selected communications channels.

Of course, I already have some of these apps on my every day home screen, and it looks like I need to create a new Home Screen for this focus mode. Hence my question: Can I put multiple instances of an app on different home screens, so they show up in different focus modes?

Here’s a specific example: the conference uses Sched, a scheduling app for the conference program. I want to put this app on my custom home screen in conference mode, but I’d also like to have it available before then in my every day mode, so I can browse the conference easily before I get there. Can it be in two places at once?


Yes, you can have an app on more than one home screen. Add the app to the new screen in the same way as you would if it was the first time you were adding it (search for the app, long press to grab it and then drop it where you want it, or go to the app library, find the app and drag it out to the screen you want it in). You can set up the new focus mode and then add the apps to the home screen once in the focus mode, or you can set up all your screens with no focus mode set and then just select a specific screen to be the home screen for your new focus mode.

Hope this help.

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