Can Logger be automated?

I just started playing with Logger for Shortcuts after learning about it on a recent episode of the podcast. It’s terrific.

Is it possible to automate the export of the logs? I’d like to get the logs into a spreadsheet (preferably Numbers on iOS) and would rather not have to do a manual export each time.

You could use the Output Messages action, andparse the text outputting to rows in a spreadsheet or rework the text and save to CSV.

Thanks. I ended up building a different shortcut to parse the file and save it to my Numbers spreadsheet. So my workflow is export from Logger and then run the shortcut. Ideally I could do it all in one go, and I’m thinking maybe I could do that if I export to an iCloud Drive folder that gets mirrored on my Mac, which would then run a Folder Action that triggers that shortcut…but that seems like too many steps. It would be nice if I could set up a workflow from right in Logger, but I realize that may not be a feature they would prioritize.