Can iOS13 Shortcuts still not send iMessages?

on iOS 13 now, grabbed some NFC tags. Hope to put one on the car. Then I could swipe it and have a shortcut to automatically send a message home to my wife. But it looks like that still doesn’t work? :frowning:


I haven’t had any issues with sending iMessages on iOS12 or 13. What issue are you actually having? It not sending the message or it prompting you to send the message rather than just sending it?

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Oh hey, thanks for responding. It’s leaving the message built but I have to manually send it. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Also, it is detecting the NFC tag. But then iOS pops up an alert asking if I want to run it.

I choose Run.

Then it runs the shortcut and leaves the iMessage open with the text filled it, but waiting for me to manually hit Send.

Got it working. Had two settings wrong.

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Can you share screenshots of your solution so that others can learn if they find this post in the future?

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