Can IFTTT run shortcut

I want to let IFTTT run a specific shortcut from shortcut app. is that possible?

You would probably want to take a look at Pushcut, and perhaps its automation server feature.

what I understood from Pushcut is that, I need to click on the notification to run the shortcut. it’s not an automation. correct me if I am wrong!

As referenced above, the automation server feature…

The Pushcut Automation Server enables you to automatically run your shortcuts, without confirmation or user interaction. After setting up a dedicated iOS device as a server all your shortcuts and HomeKit scenes will be available as server actions, ready to execute at any time.

I stuck in this page!

What are additional header and body?

If you are trying to run a shortcut I would use the Pushcut Execute a shortcut service option.

If that is not what you are attempting with a web API call, as per your previous post, then you need to provide more details about what you are attempting to do with that.