Can I get new Screenshots from iPhone to cloud?

Hi folks,

I take a lot of screenshots on iPhone, usually of business related content in various apps, browsers, etc. The one consistent thing is they’re saved as a screenshot in iOS.

  1. Can I kick off an automation somehow when a screenshot is taken to save it to the cloud and get it onto my work PC?
  2. Can I do that without saving all of the thousands of cat photos that I take up to the cloud?

Completely new to the forum, apologies if this one has been answered before, I couldn’t find it with a few searches.


There isn’t any filtered syncing of the camera roll on iOS, and the OS doesn’t offer any hooks to add your own. You would have to sync everything or manually share.

Thanks, sylumer, much appreciated. Sounds like I need to sync the whole thing. Hmm.

This may work for you:

My Screenshot

The Shortcut takes a screenshot and then saves it to a specified folder, which can be on iCloud where your Mac can pick it up from.

If you use the double (or triple) back tap accessibility feature to trigger the Shortcut (Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap) then the screenshot will capture the content currently on the screen.

Hope this helps.


That’s a great approach, taking a screenshot via the automation rather than processing it after taking a screenshot :clap:t2:


This is working like charm and you can automate it, e.g. run it once a day:

The script selects all screenshots and save it to your iCloud. You can automatically run it once a day, for example at night, when you know, your online with wifi.


This is super, thank you!