Calendar shortcut help

I had an idea that I wanted to make a calendar event and it will ask me for the date and automatically add it to my calendar. I tried to do that but the calendar is showing up, I don’t want it to show the calendar. Is that possible? How can I do that? Thanks.

This shows me a date/time picker for the start and end, but does not open my calendar.

That’s actually pretty cool. Initially I was thinking if I could just tap a button on the Home Screen and it would just add a calendar template to my calendar.

It’s for my work, I work the same hours all the time it just rotated around. I have templates made in the calendar app I use, I just hate going into the calendar to add the days I work. Was thinking shortcuts would be faster.

Try something like this:

If you work consistent hours and days, why not just use the built-in repeat option in Calendar? Also from your first question it sounds like you’d get what you want by turning off the Show Compose Sheet option?

I work same hours but different days. What’s the compose sheet action do?

It is an option on an action rather than an action - you can see it is turned off on the screenshot I included in my post above.

Were you able to use the calendar action as shown to setup your events, or is there still something you are unsure how to implement? Your response to my previous post just made some general statements of your intent rather than posing any questions, so I had figured you had enough information to set up your shortcut.

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