Calendar Event Challenge!

I spend a lot of time during my workday scheduling meetings with students. So, spent today trying to create an automation that would allow me to grab email addresses from an email (in Apple Mail) when a student, or group of students, sends me an email requesting a meeting, then creates a calendar event that inserts the students as invitees. I thought of several ways to do this (combo of shortcuts plus Keyboard Maestro), but none that really save me any time over just creating the calendar event myself. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Would it work to use a scheduling service such as Calendly? You could create a private link to share with students and restrict days and times that you’re available.

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I had thought about something like that, but these are students many of whom have difficulty remembering assignment links.

If they are receiving calendar invites by email, why not email them their assignment links, a calendar booking link, etc? They then have that info just as much as they would have a calendar booking subsequently.

Also consider adding it to your email signatures. Some of my work colleagues use Calendly and that is exactly what they do. Then any email from you would have the link.

Even my 5 year old has to remember things for school. Judging by your students having email and, from your profile, you being a university professor, I would expect that your students should be able to take full personal responsibility to being able to book a meeting with you via an online web form.