Business days calculator

Hey gang, I’ve been playing with Workflow/Shortcuts for calculating dates, but I wonder if there could be a way to create a business days calculator (excluding weekends should work, but ideally I could load up my Brazilian holidays and exclude them as well).

Update: here’s a link to the Siri Shortcut I’ve built based on Brazilian holidays. Hope it eventually helps someone else!

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Not that I can see from the built in Date/Calendar controls in SS. However, you might be able to find what you’re looking for at More specifically, this link: businessdate.

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Thanks! The U$ 250,00 price tag seemed to be way to hefty for my needs.

Fiddling around on Google I’ve found a free API solution on a Brazilian website that could be used just fine.

Hahaha! Yeah, they have a developer version that doesn’t cost anything if you’re “testing” things out. Which, I usually sign up for to “test indefinitely”. :wink: I just didn’t look into it enough if their testing version allowed you to make calls outside of their sandbox.

Glad you found a free alternative. There’s something satisfying about doing this kind of stuff for free isn’t there?

It sure does, feels like a message in a bottle thing! :wink:

Obrigado!! That’s was i was struggling to do right know!

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