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Hi all,

For some time now I’m using Bunch as a part to automate my workflows. So far I can find the most what I need online and work my way through it. But there is one thing I can’t seem to find:

Is there a way to jump to, or activate, a specific Space on your Mac with Bunch?

My Spaces are fixed (not sorted on recently used). And I want that one of my Bunches is activating and opening the right programs and such on a specific Space (desktop number 3 for example). Can that be done?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, although it will take some experimenting to get it right!

I have four monitors and ten spaces and I use Bunch and Moom to get everything to my liking.

I use keyboard shortcuts to change spaces.
I set delays to ensure things happen in the correct order.
I set some applications to open in specific spaces.

Here is a simple Bunch I use when ingesting images (one of my hobbies is photography):

title: 📸 Photo Ingest
# This is my photo ingesting context

# Switch to Space 9

# Open Image Folders

- /Volumes/Images/ Originals
- /Volumes/Workflow/DNGs
- /Volumes/FireCuda 2T/Camera Card
- /Volumes/FireCuda 2T/PM Ingested Images

# Apps to launch 
Adobe DNG Converter
Image Capture 

* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Image Ingest" ~5

Photo Mechanic Plus ~7

{^9} ~20

Here‘s what is going on:

  • The first thing that happens is {^9} switches to Space 9.
  • Then four folders open that I use to move images through my workflow.
  • Then two apps open in Space 9.
  • Then Moom arranges everything in Space 9, there is a delay of 5 seconds to make sure everything has opened.
  • Then after a couple more seconds Photo Mechanic Plus opens. I have Photo Mechanic Plus assigned to Space 1, so it opens there.
  • It takes awhile for Photo Mechanic Plus to fully launch, so I wait 20 seconds and then switch back to Space 9 to start the process of copying the images form my camera.

Like I said, I needed to experiment with the order things happen and the delays added.

The keyboard shortcuts to move to a space are set up in the System Preferences:

Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you! Assigning keyboard shortcuts to Spaces in System Prefrences will do the trick! I will play with it but I’m sure I will figure it out now. :blush:

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