Bug Reporting JavaScript issues

Is there an official place to report bugs with the Scriptable app? I’ve found a case where JavaScript gets executed correctly but there’s an error in the console that seems to be a bug.

If you report the bug either here on the forum or send me an e-mail on mail@scriptable.app, I’ll look into it :blush:


So having investigated this a bit further it seems to come down to the fact that the defined APIs can be over-written. So not a bug, but it does mean it is possible to prevent the built-in APIs from being available.

let ShareSheet = {};
ShareSheet.present = function(foos) {
    console.log("my sharesheet function: " + foos);

Essentially, I got to this because I defined some functions in purescript that compiled down to JavaScript functions with names that clashed with the pre-defined identifiers. I suppose I just need a simple static analysis checkers as part of my purescript build script to throw such a warning at compile time. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s certainly possible. That’s just how JavaScript works :blush:


It’s stupid JavaScript stuff like this that makes me use languages like PureScript in the first place. Had a major issue in a web project recently where the truethiness of empty string and empty array are different - because of course that makes sense… :triumph: