Bug iOS 14.3: Get first item from <contact> lost its 'field' value

I have a Shortcut which reads the data from a Contact (var myContact)

To read the first of the contact-addresses I had:
Get [First Item] from [Addresses]

But after the upgrade to 14.3 this line read:
Get [First Item] from [Contact]

and the definition of the field (click on [Contact]) was empty:
var myContact as Contact, Get [empty]

So the script failed to get the contact details for address and phone number.
I reselected the correct field and the problem was solved.

Did I do something to invoke this changing of the software? Or is it really the upgrade to 14.3?
It’s a bit problematic, because this is software I wrote for a client. I didn’t expect Shortcuts to be this unreliable.