BTT Streamdeck: Toggle "Quitter" and parse state from Menubar menu and display icon accordingly?

Hello Automators,

Here’s a challenge:
I am running Marco Arment’s Quitter to hide/quit applications that I haven’t touched in a while. However, there are occasions where this isn’t useful. During screen sharing sessions, for example.

I’ve recently switched to use BetterTouchTool to operate my StreamDeck and I’d love to have Quitter’s state reflected in the appearance of a toggle button.

  1. How do I best script selecting an element from the Menubar icon’s context menu (right click or option-click)? Especially when the icon is hidden using Bartender.

  2. How to get/parse the state (enabled/disabled), which is shown in text form in that very context menu to be then used in the RegEx condition to switch the button’s appearance in BTT?

Marco doesn’t offer any CLI or scripting options, or did I miss something?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


There’s indeed no “native” way to do this but you can go pretty far using Bartender and BTT:

  1. In Bartender, add a HotKey to specifically show Quitter (you can put a complex hotkey because you’re not going to actually type it, BTT is):

  2. Add as BTT Stream Deck a trigger that does the aforementioned hotkey, followed by delay 0.1, Down, delay 0.1, Enter. This allows to toggle Quitter ON/OFF by clicking the corresponding menu item instead of your cursor.

  3. (optional, see below) Ask Bartender to always show Quitter when it’s disabled using “Show For Updates” (& “While comparison is true”):

    This would show Quitter if it is OFF which should make it noticeable enough for you to spot it.

You’d likely want to show the status bar icon grayed vs black on your Stream Deck button but I don’t have a Stream Deck myself so I don’t know how to show this specifically. If you do find a way, you can undo point 3.

Tell me if this works out for you.



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You are right! I’ve been a Bartender user for so long that I keep forgetting that they added those app-specific hotkeys!

Thank you very much :+1:

btw: Again, thank you very much. This is awesome! I didn’t even know Bartender could do this.

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