Booking time with Nana - iOS 13 Beta

My mom has 7 grandkids between my two brothers, sister, and me. She told me she keeps track of who’s visiting on a paper calendar book in her purse. I thought I could create a Shortcut ready for her for when ios13 drops this fall.

Here’s the goal: shortcut on her home screen that lets her choose a month from a menu, then shows her the dates (with the grandkid’s name associated to the visit date) that each kid is visiting and what’s days are free/open. Right now I have a calendar made in iCloud shared with her and all the parents. Each calendar event has the same format: all day event, specific calendar (nana and papa), and the child’s name as the title.

Right now I have it pulling the days that a kid is scheduled to visit BUT it only outputs the name of the kid not the date.

I want to use ios13 beta to build so I don’t have too much to rebuild this fall and plenty of rest with me using it first to make sure it works well for her.

Any help is greatly appreciated.