Booking time with Nana - iOS 13 Beta

My mom has 7 grandkids between my two brothers, sister, and me. She told me she keeps track of who’s visiting on a paper calendar book in her purse. I thought I could create a Shortcut ready for her for when ios13 drops this fall.

Here’s the goal: shortcut on her home screen that lets her choose a month from a menu, then shows her the dates (with the grandkid’s name associated to the visit date) that each kid is visiting and what’s days are free/open. Right now I have a calendar made in iCloud shared with her and all the parents. Each calendar event has the same format: all day event, specific calendar (nana and papa), and the child’s name as the title.

Right now I have it pulling the days that a kid is scheduled to visit BUT it only outputs the name of the kid not the date.

I want to use ios13 beta to build so I don’t have too much to rebuild this fall and plenty of rest with me using it first to make sure it works well for her.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you’re nearly there!

When you use the “Calendar Event” variable it will use the name of the event by default. To show the date as well, you just need to insert the same variable again (for example in a “text” action or however you are displaying the information) then tap on the variable and it will give you some more options to choose from–one of them being “start date”.

I wanted to make a little screencast in case my explanation doesn’t make sense but living on the edge with the beta seems to be making that a futile activity for now (even on my non-beta-running iPhone). So please let me know if the above isn’t clear!

Hey thank you for this! It does make sense but I’m still unable to get it to work. Also recently the beta broke access to my work’s email so I’ve had to revert back to iOS 12 until the proper release in the fall. Stinks b/c the beta wasn’t too bad with bugs and 13 is a huge jump on the iPad.

Hmm, which part isn’t working? Are you able to create the variable? Or is something going wrong after that?

TBH, I wasn’t sure what the issue was. I’ve had to pause the project for now and return back to iOS 12 for work needs. I don’t wish to do any “heavy” lifting in Shortcuts until the new script writing comes out with 13.

Thanks for the input at this time!

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