Blank screen when running from shortcuts IOS 14

Using IOS 14, When I run a scriptable app from shortcuts, the modal/notification appears, however it is blank. Is anyone else experiencing this ?

Just as a side note on this, I’m pretty sure that Simon hasn’t put out any Scriptable beta for i`*OS 14, so anything you are seeing would be an issue to be reported to Apple at this point via the feedback assistant.

Everyone using the beta signs up to provide feedback to Apple on this sort of thing, so unless you are on the beta - in which case the feedback would be via that app’s channel; that should be your first step. If others have the same issue, they should report it in the same way and that will naturally raise the priority with Apple.

That’s not to dissuade anyone from polling for and discussing others’ experiences, but the sooner it is reported, the sooner it will be on the investigation queue.

Yes. I agree. The only reason I haven’t reported it yet is because I wanted to know if it was potentially a setting I was missing or if anyone else was experiencing the same thing.

I’m new to scriptable so I don’t know much about the expected behavior or this community.

I’m too experiencing this issue. The example shortcut i put is broken on iOS14 beta.

This is fixed in iOS 14 beta 5