BetterTouchTool continues to impress... Straight to Zoom

I may be the last to the party on this one, but when reading a recent article about Choosy, I learned that BTT has capability to act as default browser and as such take custom action on URLs.

This solves for me a longstanding annoyance with launching Zoom calls. That is, the launch of the webpage prior to launching the native app. The BTT capability solves this problem so nicely. Now, straight from email Zoom link to Zoom app! Brilliant. Works perfectly.

Sharing in case other BTT users aren’t aware of this capability. Cheers! — jay


I can’t get this to work (all links still open in the browser that is displaying the link).

Is it possible to use *hostname* or should I use something else in the URL field of the “Did Open” action?

@rob see attached for my settings


That setup looks similar to mine, but maybe I misunderstand how this works?

You can click on any Zoom link in any browser and then BTT will kick in?

(that’s what I expect, but that’s not happening for me)

No, that is not the use case this addresses. When clicking on a Zoom link sent via email or other means (eg, Messages) current behavior takes you to your default browser first (eg, Safari) where a “do you want to open this in Zoom” dialog presents. Zoom opens after you acknowledge that dialog. It is that extra step in Safari that this BTT feature eliminates.

Now, when I click on a Zoom meeting link from an email message the native Zoom app opens up directly to that meeting. No stops in Safari along the way.

I hope that helps to clarify – jay


Oh, so it is (only) for links outside of a browser?

It would need to be OS level triggers for such interception to work. Once in an app they that uses a browser, it will continue to use that browser for standard browser protocols regardless of domain or host, unless there is an override option within the browser’s own settings, or via a plugin.

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