Beta for iOS 16

Is there already a beta for iOS 16? I saw some tweets from Simon which show scriptable widgets on the Lock Screen.

Simon is the developer and it is WWDC week… I imagine he is simply sharing some of his development experiment successes. Very few apps will have betas out at this early stage, but this will increase as the summer progresses and there may be a bump when from some developers when the publoc OS betas are released. After all, betas are available for developers now and most of them will be doing the same investigations, not beta testing someone else’s app.

If you saw the posts from Simon on Twitter, it might make sense to reply to him directly there about the availability of a beta… but I would suggest givibg him a few weeks before you follow up. He is one person developing several apps (outside of his day job of developing other apps as I understand it), and it really is only a few days in and Apple still have more WWDC sessions to run today.

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Thanks for your answer. I didn’t want to bother him during wwdc week and tried asking here. My thinking was that someone in the official scriptable forum may have a TestFlight link to share already.

However I am patient, I can wait.

For what it’s worth, in the past he has posted Test Flight links to Twitter and contacted individuals about beta testing directly.

Would Scriptable widgets on the Lock Screen necessarily bring Scriptable widgets on the watch? And vice versa?

I’m hearing the suggestion they would be using the same APIs.

By widgets do you mean complications? If so I have only ever seen third party complications for apps installed on the watch, and Scriptable does not currently have a watch app.

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Yes. I misspoke. I meant complications. I get the impression this is a twofer when it comes to development.

I would imagine that there’s more to Watch app development than only creating a complication.

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