Best Travel Packing Apps?

After the hive minds thoughts on which apps are best for travel packing checklists?

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I recently switched to this:

Previously I have used TripList and OmniFocus - but the former doesn’t seem to be actively updated, and the latter ends up cluttering my task management system with things I can’t do most of the time :slight_smile:

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I just have a couple of lists in Taskpaper that I duplicate and edit as needed…never saw the need for a specialised app. I generally use them with TaskMator on ios, or Editorial if they need a lot of editing.

I have a template packing list in That template gets invoked using, which changes the title and creates a new note that’s specific to the trip in question. I’ll usually take a look through that list and add/subtract as needed and then pin it to the top of the Bear list.

From there I’ll either print it out (for me, paper is easier when I’m packing) or use it directly out of Bear.iOS. Once the trip is over the note gets deleted and I’ll go back into the template note and adjust it with things I’ve learned on that trip.

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Thanks everyone. I’m taking a look at Roses suggestion!

I am working on a Shortcut that will build a new Things project, with the dates and weather in the notes … then build a premade checklist with anything I want on most trips (work or personal).

When I run the Shortcut, I’m asked to name the trip, the dates and location.

I feel like I’ve figured out the perfect packing system, using AnyList. What I love about AnyList is that it allows one to categorize list items in two different factors: Category and Store. And both can be customized per list. So, for instance, with my packing lists in AnyList, I have categories such as “Clothing,” “Electronics,” “Documentation,” etc. And for Stores, I use locations in the house where each of these items can be found. This makes packing itself a breeze, as I’m able to filter the list on the “Bathroom” store and quickly grab everything I need from there, then move on to my Bedroom, Office, Garage, etc. Pro tip: One of my “Stores” is called “Last Pack,” and I use it for all of those things that you can’t really pack till the night before or day of travel, such as keys, phone, etc.

I also have a store for “Buy,” so that if I come across something that I don’t have at the house, such as a travel toothbrush, I can quickly create a shopping list within the same packing list, without much effort, if that makes sense.

On top of this, AnyList allows for a default master list for each list that it calls “Favorites.” Any item added to the Favorites list, then becomes a master template for the entire list. So now I have created a master packing list of everything possible that I would ever bring on a trip, and all I have to do is create a new list, check what I need from my master packing list, then go from room to room in the house and grab what I need. Packing has never been easier.

AnyList is delightful software that is being constantly developed by its small team and is of course also super useful for grocery/shopping lists (which is what I originally bought it for). It has a ton of other features that are really cool, such as the ability to share lists, ability to add pictures to list items, color themes, Siri integration, Apple Watch display, and ability to add per-store prices per items so that you can predict exactly how much your shopping list will cost you. Some of these features are available only on the Pro version (which is a yearly subscription), but it’s still very useful in the free version. I happily subscribe to the Pro version because of how much time AnyList saves me as I use it so frequently.


I’ve been using (and customizing) this shortcut to create a packing list in Things —


Appreciate this Shortcut. It provides a working solution for one problem I have been having with a shortcut I have been working on. I have already downloaded it, built a personal and work shortcut (different items required depending on the type of trip), and will be adding in a couple things from my Shortcut that I like.

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