Best practices using Feedback

Now that we are full steam in beta testing IOS 14 I’ve wondered sometimes about the proper procedure in reporting bugs in the Feedback app. Specifically about how often should one report the same bug. I don’t want to come across as a jerk and just keep sending in the same bug report every day in hopes of getting it elevated in their to do list. I do feel though that after another beta update I find the bug is still not fixed I should send in another feedback about the same bug. Thoughts?

Report once per beta release. Multiple reports from multiple people gives a good idea of scale and importance when triaging. Multiple reports from the same person provide nothing unless you have information that further narrows down the bug, or provides new and relevant information that your initial report did not. In which case, do submit a follow-up.

If a bug persists from one beta to the next and you happen to know the reference associated with your first report, include that in the details; but do report for each beta release. It may be a fix was applied, but it does not cover your specific scenario.


This makes sense to me. Inform them that the latest update has not fixed the problem.

Make sure to include reproduction (how to make the problem occur) frequency (How often does it happen) severety (Crash, gfx glitch etch)