Battery level arc

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to using Scriptable and I’m still trying to understand how to make my own studf. So I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows how to make something like this? I realized the battery level information using Scriptable is more accurate than Widgy. Thanks.

You should be able to use the Path function addCurve() to do something for this.

Probably easier than drawing lots of very small lines withaddLines().

But there is no function in Scriptable to just draw an arc of a circle, so you would need to build it.

You may find it easier to consider other graphical options that are easier to draw with the functions available.

One question to consider before embarking on what could be quite an in depth piece would be is the accuracy of Widgy for the battery something that is actually causing you an issue? There is obviously the learning benefit, but I’m wondering if this is a good “early” project for someone who is new to Scriptable?

I would also be surprised to note a difference. I would expect all apps to be using the same API calls to get the same battery information, which in turn I would expect to yield identical results assuming no calculation errors in the code of the apps.

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The uncertainty of Widgy might be due to the refresh rate of the widgets itself. Since it is controlled by iOS Scriptable would have the same uncertainty in a widget. Give it a try without the arc first and see if it is any more accurate. If you’re happy with it, go ahead and try to draw the arc.