Batch Crop Screenshots

I took >45 screenshots all of which need to be cropped for a presentation to the same size. Thought this should be fairly easy in shortcuts but seem to be getting stuck. Anyone have a ready to go short cut. I found one in gallery but seems to freeze when doing the crop.

Link to what i got from the gallery

That shortcut doesn’t even crop; all it does is let you scribble on your images. At least it doesn’t overwrite your originals.

Here’s one that actually will crop the images you select and save the newly made images to Photos:

The thing is, you’ll have to edit the Show More part of the Crop action to specify the upper left corner and the width and height of the crop box. Some experimenting may be necessary to choose those values.

You could also add some interactive steps that would let you specify those at run time. I was too lazy to put that stuff in.

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