Backing up Safari Bookmarks

Does anyone have an automated way to export bookmarks as an HTML file (something I can automate to run every 24 hours)?

This looks highly automatable.

It looks like the format has been changed and you can no longer grep them put (it is a binary file).

Any chance it is just that the format is the same and it is just a binary plist rather than a pure text plist?

If that’s the case, you could work around that by converting it in the script.

Here’s some more recent posts about working with Safari bookmarks in a plist file with other methods.

Primarily it’ll bejust a set of names and URLS, and apps like Alfred reference them dynamically, so it should be possible.

I ended up using launch to trigger a bash shell script that copies the ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist to a folder (renaming the copy each day).

The problem I am having is the script will not copy