Background image doesn't fill the widget

Hey! I have this weird issue where my background fills the widget in the Scriptable app, but when added to the home screen it doesn’t fully cover. Sometimes there’s a line on the bottom and other times there’s a line on the right. Anyone know what’s going on here or how to fix it?

One observation I had was, when I tap the widget to open the scriptable app, that white line grows to become the actual app. Same when I swipe up from the app, the app shrinks back into the line. :man_shrugging:

Can’t say I’ve seen this before. Does it happen in all your widget scripts?

No, only the large ones. And, I’ve switched images with the same results so I know it’s not just the image. However, after a reboot (and the latest beta update) the problem seems to have disappeared. Weird.

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That’s great news! It could’ve been something with the way the image resolutions were getting returned from iOS possibly.


Since I updated Scriptable to the last version (today evening) I’m facing the same issue. Background does not fill the widget, I have white lines but only when added to the homescreen (preview in Scrip app is fine).
It’s like spaces are not managed as before…
Running on iOS 17.0.1.
Anyone has the same behavior ?

Same here, but Scriptable 1.7.7 seems to have already fixed it.

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Indeed, just updated to 1.7.7 and it’s fixed :+1: