Background Automations with MFC Deck 1.1.0 - Run shortcuts completely in the background on a recurring interval

Introducing Background Automations with MFC Deck 1.1.0!

Background Automations is an implementation of a Background event trigger on iOS 14. Use it to run shortcuts, decks, and cards on a recurring time interval throughout the day or when you are in a specific application.

The Background Automations trigger has the following options:

  • Action: The action to perform on a recurring basis. Can be a shortcut or an MFC Deck card or deck.
  • Interval: Time to wait between triggers. Can be between 10 and 90 seconds.
  • Active App: A variable describing the app currently in-use. Set in a shortcut or automation.

Here is a video showing Background Automations in action:


iOS 14 introduced several new triggers (e.g. Battery Level and Charging) and updated existing Time of Day trigger so they can run automatically without confirmation. iOS 14 lacks, however, a Background trigger that can run periodically in the background. A native solution may arrive with iOS 15, but until then, this implementation allows you to experience what a Background trigger can offer.

Documentation and Download

Visit the Background Automations webpage for complete documentation, a link to the shortcut, and more. Background Automations requires MFC Deck 1.1.0 and MFC Deck Premium. You can trial MFC Deck for free for 14-days.

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