Background Automations with MFC Deck 1.1.0 - Run shortcuts completely in the background on a recurring interval

Introducing Background Automations with MFC Deck 1.1.0!

Background Automations is an implementation of a Background event trigger on iOS 14. Use it to run shortcuts, decks, and cards on a recurring time interval throughout the day or when you are in a specific application.

The Background Automations trigger has the following options:

  • Action: The action to perform on a recurring basis. Can be a shortcut or an MFC Deck card or deck.
  • Interval: Time to wait between triggers. Can be between 10 and 90 seconds.
  • Active App: A variable describing the app currently in-use. Set in a shortcut or automation.

Here is a video showing Background Automations in action:


iOS 14 introduced several new triggers (e.g. Battery Level and Charging) and updated existing Time of Day trigger so they can run automatically without confirmation. iOS 14 lacks, however, a Background trigger that can run periodically in the background. A native solution may arrive with iOS 15, but until then, this implementation allows you to experience what a Background trigger can offer.

Documentation and Download

Visit the Background Automations webpage for complete documentation, a link to the shortcut, and more. Background Automations requires MFC Deck 1.1.0 and MFC Deck Premium. You can trial MFC Deck for free for 14-days.

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Any chance to extend interval to hour?

That might not be possible given the limitations of iOS. I would suggest instead setting up hourly Personal Automations. I’ve set up 15 minute automations on my end from morning to evening. It works, but sometimes causes Shortcuts to freeze up for 30 seconds after running its automations.